Cheap Liposuction

What is liposuction?

It is a medical procedure carried out on different parts of the body to remove fat. It is also called as fat reduction surgery. Liposuction is a useful tool to reduce the body fat and get into shape. Liposuction should not be considered as only method to be in shape irrespective of diet and exercise.

What areas can be treated by liposuction?

Liposuction can be performed on multiple body parts; people may do it on a single area or multiple areas

• Abdomen liposuction
• Inner and outer thighs liposuction
• Hips liposuction
• Chin liposuction
• Arms liposuction
• Knees liposuction

Can liposuction be performed along with other cosmetic procedure?

Yes, surgeons advise procedures such as Tummy tuck or Breast reduction to get the best body shape and appearance.

What are the advantages of liposuction?

Liposuction offers a number of advantages, here we list few

• Gives confidence about looks and appearance
• Gives body an elegant shape and all the body parts can be proportioned according to size and shape
• Can opt for a range of clothes

How is liposuction performed?

Liposuction is the most growing cosmetic procedure being performed on both men and women. Both genders are equally conscious about the looks and shapes. Here we highlight the important points of Liposuction or Lipoplasty

• The procedure is performed under local or general anesthetic
• The duration of procedure depends upon the area and the quantity of fat being removed
• A typical liposuction can last upto 2 hours

Procedure: The surgeon makes a small incision on the body where fat is to be removed. A cannula is inserted in the area which starts breaking the fat cells, a vacuum device helps in removal of the fat. Instead of a cannula a syringe can also be used for fat removal depending upon the area so f the body being treated. The fluid loss which happens during the process is compensated by intravenous fluids during and after the procedure.

Who can undergo liposuction?

Liposuction may not be a good option for all the candidates. Your doctor will be the best guide depending upon your health and medication history. The surgeons lookbroadly for following before performing surgery

Weight: The candidates with average or above average weight can opt for liposuction.

Health condition: The candidate has to be mentally and physically healthy and should be well aware of the output of liposuction. It should be informed to the candidate that it is not an ideal method of weight loss.

Skin: The procedure involves removal of fat present below the skin. There can be damage to the skin. The skin elasticity is an important criterion, skin with good elasticity is ideal for liposuction. The non-elastic skin will become saggy after liposuction.

Age: Young people can preferably undergo liposuction as they can withstand the procedure and the skin does not become saggy.

What are the changes expected from liposuction?

After the liposuction procedure the person can experience minor side effects such as swelling, burning, numbness and pain in the area where procedure is performed. All these symptoms last should not last for more than 14 days. The incisions maybe leaky and the doctor may insert a small cannula in the incision to allow drainage of fluids. The patients are advised to wear elastic garments to prevent swelling and also to give shaper as per your newly formed figure. The elastic undergarments should be worn for few weeks after surgery.

The small incisions which are made will fade away with time, there will be little or no scarring. The stitches used for closing incisions can be removed after a weeks’ time or they will dissolve with time.

Doctors advise patients to walk afterLipoplasty or liposuction surgery to improve blood circulation in the treated area and also to prevent blood clots.

What are the precautions to be taken after liposuction?

The candidates are advised not to sit in one place for long hours; he or she should take leave from office for 2 weeks.

One should not do strenuous exercise for a month. The medical staffs who attend you will advise precautionary measures as required.